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Pitari Case for Raspberry Pi 3

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Based on popular demand, it’s finally here! The Pitari is the next member of the Collector Craft family. With a high quality engineered design, this case is inspired by the Atari 2600 and is another option to help you build an awesome Raspberry Pi video game console. The Pitari has all the bells and whistles including a stained and customizable wood panel, power and data LED lights, rubber feet, and premium hardware.


Wood Panel - The Pitari features a stained, pine wood front panel. This front panel is completely customizable, contact us if you have any requests!

Power and Data LED Lights - The included red LED Power Light and green LED Data Light make this console feel like the real deal. 

Inspired by the Atari 2600 - The classic home arcade that started it all. 

Full Accessibility - Ports for Power, 4X USB, Ethernet, bottom loaded microSD, and HDMI are all easily accessible.

Rubber Feet - Collector Craft has always provided the best rubber bumper feet so your case doesn't slide around your entertainment center or gaming setup.

Premium Hardware - Just like all of our cases, the Pitari includes 4 Rasbperry Pi mounting screws and 4 case closure screws. We say premium because our case screws are anywhere from 2-4X as thick as the competitors. 

3D Printed - This case has been engineered to have the highest quality 3D printed design.