Black Game Boy Game Tray

Black Game Boy Game Tray

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I love my old school gaming, but one of the worst parts about it is that any time I wanted to look through my games, they were scattered everywhere, falling off the shelf in a giant mess. Being an engineer, I though it was time to organize.

The trays you see in the picture are made out of a high quality PLA plastic with my custom design inspired by the Original Game Boy handheld on the front. The greatest part about these trays is that you can stack them full of games on top of each other to organize your collection into smaller spaces. Also, when you decide to have a retro game party with your friends, the trays are great for passing around so that you can easily see what's in the stash :). The trays hold 20 games.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for shopping!