Super Tinytendo Case for Raspberry Pi 3

Super Tinytendo Case for Raspberry Pi 3

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Here it is—the new Super Tinytendo by Collector Craft! This Raspberry Pi 3 Case is the best solution to help you build your own video game console. We've taken our popular 3D printed design and upgraded it to an injection molded case for superior surface finish, color, and overall quality.


- Injection Molded -First thing's first--we've upgraded this case from 3D printed to an injection molded version made out of a heat resistant material. The new case has a thicker/more durable construction, much higher tolerances, along with a textured surface to give a professional touch to your DIY video game console project.

- Full Accessability - Ports for Power, 4X USB, Ethernet, bottom loaded microSD, and HDMI are all easily accessible

- Rubber Feet – Rubber feet come installed on the case for optimal grip while sitting on your entertainment center

- Color - With the injection molding, we've been able to much more closely match the true OEM colors.

- Power/Reset Switches - We've upgrade the look of the switches, but kept them to only be an aesthetic feature so that there is NO SOLDERING REQUIRED with this case!

- Optional Cooling Fan - We've worked hard to find an even quieter fan that optimally cools the Pi board down.

- LED Light Hole - We've had a ton of our customers looking to customize their console using an LED power light--so we designed a cut out in the case to support an LED light without drilling or modifying the case.

- Hardware - We've upgraded the hardware to be even higher quality and strip-resistant

- Improved Ventilation - The overall ventilation on this case is much better than the 3D printed version and effectively cycles air around the Raspberry Pi 3 board.

- Overall Dimensions – L = 120mm x W = 100m x H = 37mm

Why You Should Support This Project:

- Every design you see in our shop is created IN-HOUSE in CAD, engineered, and optimized for 3D printing quality, and made right here. We didn’t just take some design from some 3D printing website and start making stuff just to make money.
- This is how we pay our rent and feed the dogs :). This is a labor of love and it should reflect in the quality and attention to detail of our products.

Raspberry Pi 3 Board is NOT INCLUDED! The pictures in this listing with the Raspberry Pi 3 are displayed to show how the board fits in the case.

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