Tinytendo 64 Green Edition for Raspberry Pi 3

Tinytendo 64 Green Edition for Raspberry Pi 3

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This has been a pet project for us and this Raspberry Pi 2 B+ / Raspberry Pi 3 case is ready for you to use on your hacker, maker, and/or programming project. Every design you see in our shop is created IN-HOUSE in CAD, optimized for 3D printing quality, and made right here. We didn’t just take some design from some 3D printing website like Thingiverse and start making stuff just to make money. We care about the quality and experience and we support our products 100% from end to end.

The Tinytendo 64 Special Edition case has the following features:

- 3D printed in special green colored filament with gray controller plugs
- Hand painted power light and front emblem
- Holes for HDMI, USB, Power, Ethernet, and Micro SD card
- Comes with 4 small screws to mount the Raspi board and 2 larger screws to secure the case closed

- Optional 5V Fan Installed

- Optional separate cartridge for customization

If you have any questions or requests about custom orders, feel free to send me a message!

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